Welcome to Roundit.  When we started this company we wanted to provide charities with a better way to sustain their cause.  We felt compelled to do this because charitable organizations need our support now, more than ever.  

As someone who has supported charitable organizations for years, and who has served on the board of a charity, I know how difficult it is for charities to thrive.  Over the last 30 years, a profound transformation has occurred within our society.  Charities are called upon more and more to fill the void in our social safety. From education to food security, from environmental protections to cultural and veteran support, non-profits are taking the lead in providing the services we all want. 

To do this, charities must raise funds, which, for most non-profit organizations, takes up an immense amount of effort and resources, some of which would be better employed directly in the community.  And the never-ending and difficult task of trying to amass funding can make it a struggle for these organizations to survive. 

Now, don’t get us wrong; Americans are unbelievably generous people when it comes to giving.  In fact, recent statistics indicate that Americans donated an estimated $410 billion to fund charities and non-profits in 2018.  Of that, approximately 70%, or $270 billion, came directly from individuals supporting organizations they believe in. 

That is a huge amount of money.  You’d think it would be enough, that charities would be doing okay.  But that is not the case.  Most charities struggle to find the funds necessary to do what they do. 

Speaking from experience, there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions when it comes to charitable fundraising.  We’ve seen it all over the years—including annual fetes that can raise a large amount but are not scalable; or desperate last-minute grant searches.  We’ve also seen more and more fundraisers are looking to corporate America for help, but while there are many generous companies and corporations out there, they can support only a limited number of needy organizations. 

So, what’s left?  Charities are forced to go to their donor networks and ask for more—which they do—but with every new ask, they lose some of their supporters.  Donors want to feel appreciated; they want to know that their money has meaning and is making an impact. But there’s a limit to most people’s generosity.  Going back to the well once too often can lead to donor fatigue and in the end the loss of that person’s support. 

So, what’s a charity to do? We here at Roundit want to provide charities with a new type of fundraising tool that will enable these important organizations to raise funds cost-effectively on a recurring basis. We believe that charitable organizations should do what they do best, namely, developing and delivering on the programs that their communities rely on.  And while they do that, we’ll be there every step of the way to usher them 

into the digital future. 

So let’s get to it.