It’s not enough to offer ways to give to causes that we care about.   We as a people care more and more about what our charities are doing, how they are making an impact.   We are understanding now that there are many ways to give and although money is the life blood of many organizations, their patrons are willing and wanting to be more involved.


roundit v3.0 is announcing ‘The Tribe Builder’ a plan to create a community network that allows it’s patrons, charities and partners to all come together in a way that they haven’t been able to before.   For Patrons to see the great work that is being done and be rewarded for their patronage and support.  We are starting to see that each person can give in their own way.  Some with large volumes of money, while others can bring in more givers, brand sponsors.   “We want to foster a community of people coming together each helping in their own way and style.”


The Tribe builder will support announcement and chat channels for causes.   Members and moderators can start new threads, communicate across the patronage and send positive feedback, with likes, loves and shares.   We will support sharing of accomplishments, announcements and call for giving through Facebook , twitter and Instagram allowing members to retweet, share and love content, we will also be presenting awards for accomplishments worth recognizing and the givers that have achieved them.