Make a Big Difference with small change
We round-up the Spare Change from your everyday Shopping and donate it to your favorite charity.

Privacy, Security and Trust is always our first priority. We use safe secure and industry leading services and standards to protect your data.

Track your progress in our free app and see the impact your spare change makes.

Our team is eager to hear from you about issues and questions you might have. email or contact us and let us know!

Features Designed For EASY GIVING

roundit works with all major credit and debit cards. It does not matter if it is a Visa, Mastercard or American Express. roundit can handle them all.

roundit automatically tracks your giving with easy and real time access to all your giving receipts. Come tax time, roundit has everything you need.

We've got you covered. Wherever you shop and spend, roundit will track your spare change, and let you see the difference you are making.

With our ‘One tap to cap /One tap to stop’ interface,, users can easily place limits on how much they give or turn off their giving at a moments notice.

roundit takes security very seriously. roundit is both GDPR and PCI compliant. All roundit data is fully encrypted and we never allow outside parties to have access to it.


Once you have downloaded the app, signing up is easy. Just follow our step-by-step process.
To sign up, follow these step by step instructions. Once you link to your card, giving is easy and fun. CLICK THE VIDEO LINK NOW to see how to signup!
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We love hearing from our customers and partners!

Once roundit is setup, it's easy to use!

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If you have questions, just want to reach out, or you would like to create a new Charity with us, please fill out our Contact form and let us know!
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