Roundit Community Standards

The goal of roundit’s Community Standards is to encourage expression and create a platform for social good. As such, we reserve the right to terminate any agreement or refuse service to any individual or organization that does not uphold these community standards.  

Hate Speech

Roundit reserves the right to refuse service and/or terminate an existing service agreement should we determine that a partner or partner applicant either engaged in, supports or encourages hate speech. 

Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes, such as:

  • race or ethnic origin
  • religion
  • disability
  • gender
  • age
  • veteran status, and/or
  • sexual orientation or gender identity

Upon such a determination, roundit will notify the partner via electronic communications and will suspend the partner’s account. Furthermore, roundit will remove any and all content associated with the partner from our portal and will not long accept donations to the affected organization or individual. 

If roundit determines that a partner is engaged in, supports or encourages hate speech, any and all funds held by roundit on behalf of the partner will be returned to the donors, minus any credit card processing fees charged to roundit by our credit card processing partners.

Prohibited Partners

As a platform for social good, Roundit does not allow any organizations or individuals that are engaged in the following to have a presence on our system:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity
  • Fraud

We also reserve our right to remove content that expresses support for, or praise for groups, leaders, or individuals involved in these activities.  Should roundit determine that a partner is engaged in any of these activities, roundit will terminate any existing agreement between roundit and the affected Partner, remove all content associated with that partner and will report our findings to the appropriate law enforcement agency.